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Former Teen Student

October 24, 2017
Your teen programs really offered us solid opportunities, and they molded me into something I’m proud of, so thank you for that!
Issac P.
Temecula, CA


July 5, 2017
My daughter has gone to the art camps that are held here, a few times. It has been great every time! She learns a lot, creates a lot, made friends, and is really excited about going back. Great experience all the way around.
Marjeanna C.
Oceanside, CA


April 21, 2017
The owner, Tony, is very nice, great at teaching art techniques to kids. My son took his classes when he was young and loved them! Bigfoot Graphics has been in the community for many years and is a definite bonus to Temecula.
Kimberly S.
Temecula, CA


January 31, 2017
Its Awesome! I loved going to the art classes. The teacher's are super fun and Intelligent. I really would love to go again.
Tyra Pflughoft
Temecula, CA
1 to 4 of 17  |

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