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Founder, Creative Director

Founder, Creative Director
Bigfoot (Tony Moramarco)

Tony was born and raised in Southern California. He attended the Art Institute of San Diego, where he studied Illustration and Graphic Design. After graduation, Tony worked as a Cartoonist and Art Director for a Looney Tunes licensee in Washington DC. He also worked in Maryland, for Marriott Corporate Design & Promotion. Today, he designs & illustrates for clients worldwide.

Tony brings a sense of pride and immense work ethic to every design project, which he attributes to his hardworking Italian family. His success as an independent artist is mainly due to his creativity, his problem-solving skills and his accountability. "If I say it's going to get done, it gets done," says Tony.

As an Illustrator, Tony's cartoons have been published and sold around the world. His drawing style has been compared to Matt Groening, the creator of "The Simpsons" and Jim Davis, the creator of "Garfield."

Tony has also spent time as a disc jockey, commercial voice talent and internet radio host. He hosted the "Saturday Sound" on KRTM, voiced the narration for a national television campaign and co-created, produced and co-hosted a worldwide internet comedy podcast.

In 1998, Tony established the "Cartooning with Bigfoot" workshop, and has since taught almost 50,000 children the fun and creative art of Cartooning. Tony also teaches Art, Anime & Design at various other private, public and charter schools throughout the southland.

Bigfoot Graphics' art programs now include Anime, as well as classes in Graphic Design, Multi-Media and Fine Art. Students from all over Southern California recognize Tony as the fun and talented artist with a true gift for teaching.

Tony's design clients continue to work with him because he is their link to all things creative.


Katinka Clementsmith - Mixed Media

Katinka Clementsmith is a local artist who has shown in galleries and live painting events throughout southern California since 1996. She creates obsessive-compulsively, learning and adding new mediums as she grows. Her focus is bold, playful images of amusing subject matter, often with the addition of found or repurposed items. She created a long term environmental art project called "Medusa Bloom" using art to bring attention to the damage done by one-time use items like plastic bags.

Katinka has run the mixed media and younger student programs for Bigfoot for several years and generously gives her tremendous talents to our students. She is an artist of a high caliber that we are very proud to have as part of our staff.

Jeff Waddleton - Multimedia/Gaming

Jeff Waddleton has been a working graphic designer since 1999. As Creative Director of his own design firm, Jeff has developed everything from logos, posters, catalogs, and product packaging to websites, building signage, and semi-trailer wraps for clients throughout the U.S. and internationally. He is a critical thinker who regularly analyzes the successes and failures of current marketing strategies, both in corporate America and popular culture, and implements those ideas into his own work. Jeff currently is the lead instructor for the Teen Graphic Design program and the Adult Photoshop program.

Jeff also spent several years working in radio, both as an on-air personality, and as a Production Director, responsible for writing, recording and editing programs, commercials and promotional spots. As half of Real Mornings with Mark & Jeff, he helped dominate the airwaves in Temecula on local station KRTM in the mid 90's. He is now one of the main DJ's for the City of Temecula Community Services Department, hosting events like the Annual Rod Run and others.

Even when he's not on the job, Jeff enjoys expressing his creativity through an abundant appreciation of music, movies, art and gaming. He also likes burritos.

Ly Bucci - Anime/Drawing

Ly Bucci is a talented artist who loves Anime. He started as a member of the BFG Elite program in 2010 and went on to earn a degree in Graphic Design from Platt College in San Diego, in 2013.

Now an Instructor for various programs, Ly enjoys teaching the basics of creating characters, along with many other techniques. He loves helping young artists expand their skills and grow confidence in their drawings. Ly's favorite quote is "An artist cannot live without creating, since the pen in hand is connected to our heart."

Marco Magallanes - Elite Summer Program

Marco is the AP Art Teacher at GOHS. He is ALSO a working comic book Author & Illustrator. Our Elite students love Marco and his down to earth method of interacting with young creatives.

We are very proud and fortunate to have such an experienced educator and seasoned professional on our staff!

Kosé Moore - Animation

Kosé studied 3D Animation at Full Sail University. He then went on to pursue a path for his passion in traditional animation. Kosé brings his experience and knowledge for animation into the studio on Tuesdays, to help young artists learn the craft. He is great with young creatives and we are very proud to have him on our staff.

Brian Manning - Cartoon Drawing

Brian Manning is a talented Cartoonist who has taught in various schools, camps and municipalities for many years. His funny personality, wit and sense of humor make him very popular with our students and staff. Brian got his degree in writing from CSUF and has been a member of the Bigfoot roster for many years. We are proud to have Brian on our staff and spend most of our time with him, with a smile on our face.

Studio/Class Assistant

Studio/Class Assistant
Chris Clarke - Multimedia/Gaming

Chris is a young creative, who is passionate about film, photography and design. He is also a musician who is studying Business at CSUSM. Chris lends his talents to our Photoshop program for both adults and teens, as well as helping with our Game Lab and Epic Video Game programs.

He is a bright and engaging young man who students really take to. We are very proud to have this talented young gentleman on our staff.

Studio/Class Assistant
Sarah Ozolins

Sarah is a tremendously talented young lady, who has been part of our programs for many years. Her captivating art is a gift that she gives to anyone who sees it. She is also the Alternate Instructor for our Monday After School and Art & Pizza Night programs. Sarah is a great mentor to our young students and a nurturing soul that we are very proud to have with us.

Studio/Class Assistant
Payton Wills

Payton is one of our Elite students, who is a Sr. at MVHS and recently earned a Certification in our Photoshop for Adults program. Payton is very helpful and lends a hand not only in our studio, but also with our Teen Game Lab, Teen Photoshop and Photoshop for Adults Programs. We are very proud of Payton and appreciate all of her efforts.

Studio/Class Assistant
Savanah Leyva

Savanah is a very talented young lady who has been with us as a student for many years. She is currently taking college courses and is also a talented author, having just recently published her first novel, NXTGEN, The Galaxy Series. She is an active and pleasant person who helps us out a great deal. We are so proud of Savanah and enjoy having her help with our classes.

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